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A tale of two lexica: Investigating computational pressures on word representation with neural networks by Enes Avcu, Michael Hwang, Kevin Scott Brown and David Gow has been published in Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence.

Behavioral and neurodynamic effects of word learning on phonotactic repair, by David Gow, Adriana Schoenhaut, Enes Avcu and Seppo Ahlfors, has been recently published in Frontiers in Psychology, within the section Language Sciences.


We are back in person for conferences this year! All of our posters are linked below:

Society of Neurobiology of Language 2022

From Sounds to Words: Evidence for Lexical Representations Distinct from Nonwords

Computational Pressures Behind the Development of Parallel Dorsal and Ventral Stream Lexica

Causal Representation of Abstract Phonological Properties in Temporal Cortex

Lexical Mediation of Reduplication Effects in Arabic Speakers: Implications for Associationist Accounts of Word Formation

Society of Neurobiology of Language 2021

With current events, most of our presentations have been virtual this year. Our team was honored to present our work at several virtual conferences this year. All our videos are linked below:

Our abstract is scheduled as a Slide Slam presentation in Slide Slam Session N, Thursday, October 7, 5:30 pm EDT. Below is the link for the Talk.

Psychonomics Society 2020

Our abstract is scheduled as a talk. Below is the link for the Talk.