The Gow Lab


Where are they now…

Olivia Newman – Lab and Project Coordinator at MGH

Adriana Schoenhaut – Pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at Vanderbilt. Her focuses are neurophysiological, behavioral, and computational approaches to characterize audiovisual interactions across different levels of processing in macaque and humans.

Bruna Bressane Olson – Pediatrician

Conrad Nied  – User-Centered Software Engineer at Facebook

Reid Vancelette    – Faculty at Queens College in New York

Ricky Sachdeva – Senior Engineer / Senior Research Member at EpiSys Science, Inc.

Corey Keller – Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Palo Alto Veteran Affairs Health Care System

Nate Meng –  Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Acacia Mental Health

Christina Congleton –   Holds a master’s degree in human development & psychology from Harvard University and currently works for Axon Leadership.

Jennifer Segawa –  Assistant Professor at Departments of Neuroscience and Biology, Stonehill College